Mr. Tamas Revesz was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1946. He is an award-winning photographer, a worldwide exhibited artist, based in New Jersey.

Renown American photographer Peter Turnley wrote, “He embodies the spirit of several of his Hungarian predecessors, including Brassai, Capa, Kertesz and Moholy-Nagy, and this sensibility, creativity, cosmopolitanism, drive and warmth have blessed the world of art and photography. The culture and people of his adopted country are extremely fortunate to have this brilliant, important talent among them.”

Hungarian photographers come from a lineage of artistic virtuosity, which helps to explain their universal appeal and recognition. The power, clarity and truth of their visual perception distinguish their work. The Hungarian sensibility combines that which is visible to the human eye with that which is perceptible only to the human soul. Revesz inherited that legacy, which is reflected in his work.

Revesz has published eleven books and is comfortable living and working in both the United States and Hungary. “I feel myself fortunate today that I feel at home both in Hungary and in America and that I can contribute some way with my work to both countries.”


Choice -Transatlantic Culture Exchange - Herald 2004
Budapest - Herald 2002 (3rd edition)
New York - W.W. Norton 2000
Budapest - Herald 1999 (2nd revised edition)
Budapest a City Before the Millenium - Herald 1996
Open Air The American West - Herald 1993
Siofok (Siofok City) - Herald 1993
Budai Varnegyed (Castle District of Buda) - Officina 1989
Roma (Rome) - Corvina 1988
Siofok (Siofok City) - Inforg 1987
Szicilia (Sicily) - Kepzomuveszeti 1987
Parlament (Parliament) - Corvina 1985
Csaba korházba megy (Csaba Goes to the Hospital) - Móra 1982
Bucsu a ciganyteleptol (Farewell to Gypsy Colonies) - Kossuth 1977


Liberation, Le Nouvel Observateur, Science & Vie, International Herald Tribune, Stern, Europeo, Panorama, Panorama Mese, Ciak Si Gira, Jerusalem Report, Newsweek, International Wildlife Magazine, The Amicus Journal, People, Guardian, Scanorama, Tomorrow, Hadassah, JCCA Annual Report, Africa Environment & Wildlife


More than 60 one-man-shows. Most important:
European Month of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia - 2012,
Erdész Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary, 2010,
Hungarian Cultural Center, New York, 2009
Hungarian Academy of Rome, Italy, 2006,
Kogart House, Budapest, 2006
Nymex Gallery, New York, 2005
UMU Gallery, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan - 2004
Milton J. Weill Art Gallery, 92nd Y Street, New York, USA 2001
Leica Gallery, New York, USA - 2001
Marantz Art Gallery West Orange NJ, USA - 2000
ArtCentre, Plano, Texas, USA - 2000
Atrium Gallery, Washington Township, USA - 2000
Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Tuinzaal, Leiden, The Netherland -1999
United Nations, New York - 1998
City Museum of Copenhagen, Denmark - 1998
Stephen Gang Gallery, New York - 1998
Center for Independent Journalism, Budapest - 1996
Art Expo, Budapest - 1994
Forum Gallery, Amsterdam - 1990
Hungarian Academy, Rome -1989
Galerie de Olievaar Uithoorn, The Netherland - 1989
Kulturzentrum Oberschützen, Austria - 1988
Fotomuveszeti Galeria, Budapest - 1987
Museo de Arte La Paz, Bolivia - 1987
Ernst Museum, Budapest - 1986
Apeldoorn Historisch Museum Marialust, Holland - 1982
Berlin Gallery, Berlin - 1980
Ethnographic Museum, Budapest - 1977


PULITZER Memorial Award - 1997
WORLD PRESS PHOTO Prize in Amsterdam - 1991
Brasil INTERPRESSPHOTO Award - 1991
48th International Photographic Salon of Japan - 1988
Beautiful Hungarian Book Award for four books:
• "Budapest a City Before the Millenium" - 1997
• "Castle District of Buda" - 1991
• "Rome" - 1988
• "Farewell to Gypsy Colonies" - 1977
ALEKSANDER RODCHENKO Prize for photojournalism - 1985
BALAZS BELA Prize for photojournalism - 1984
ENIT Prize - Italy Through Hungarian Eyes - 1982
Best Pictorial Report of the Year and Picture of the Year - 11times from 1968 to 1989


HOWARD CHAPNICK Grant for organizing the Masterclass for Photojournalists from Central and Eastern Europe – 2003 (Resulting in a book Choice and traveling exhibition.);
USIA-USIS Grant for photographing the American West – 1987. (Resulting in a photo book Open Air the American West and exhibition);
Hungarian Cultural Ministry Grant for staying 3 months in the Hungarian Academy in Rome, Italy –1981. (Resulting: two photo books publications: Rome and Sicily, and numerous exhibtions).


• Teacher of photojournalism at the Budapest Metropolitan University since 2012 - present;
• Organizer and Project Manager of the first Credit Suisse Masterclass for Photojournalists from Central and Eastern Europe, Budapest 2004;
• Editor of CHOICE photo book - Herald/Transatlantic Culture Exchange - 2004;
• Art Director - Herald Publishing in Hungary since 1991 - present;
• Vice President – Ecovision, LLC in the USA since 1997 - present;
• Organizer of World Press Photo exhibition to Budapest since 1991 - present;
• International Jury Member - World Press Photo, The Netherland - 1988-1989;
• Senior Photojournalist - Uj Tukor Magazine 1972-1989;
• Picture Editor - Buvar magazine 1985-1987;
• Lecturer of Photography - School of Journalism in Budapest, New York University, USA, Center for Independent Journalism, Mission College, South Bay New Media Center, Santa Clara, USA, Guest Lecturer of Photojournalism, La Paz University in Bolivia